Carport Shade

Car Park Sunshade PTFE Membrane Structure Carport Tensile Membrane Structure

  • Name:Tensile Structure Car Parking Shed
  • Feature:Water-proof, anti-leakage and Anti-UV
  • Type:Carport Tensile Structure
  • Size:White or As the client's requirement
  • Material:Low Carbon Steel And PVC/PTFE/ETFE Fabric
  • Application:Sports Center, Structural Roofing, Steel Fabricated House


1. Lower construction and management cost than other building types

2. Easy installation and Good connection(Short installation period, Easy to connect with other buildings or move as the whole set in any situation and different terrains) 

3. Safe, Environment friendly,Good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance

4. Water-proof, anti-leakage and Anti-UV

5. Good weather resistance

6. Strong Self-clean



Sports Grounds: Stadium, Gym, Natatorium, Coaching Centers etc.

Commercial Facilities: Marketplace, Shopping Mall, Hotel, Resterant, Building Gateway, Gardens in community, Pedestrain Mall, Landscape etc.

Transportation facilities: Airports, Train Stations, Bus Stations, Toll-gates, and Parking Lots etc.

Industrial facilities: Workshops, Warehouses, Scientific Rsearch Centers, Green Houses, Logistics Centers, Large-scale Carports etc.

Advantages spread described below:

Convenient and flexible
PTFE architectural membrane is an extremely versatile building material. offers architects new flexibility in design. allowing architects to create large span of the extreme curved, tapered, curved changing image of landmark project or landscape modeling combine the local environment

Stain Resistant
The PTFE  architectural membrane has good self-cleaning, the PTFE coating makes it highly resistant to staining. The surface dirt can be removed by natural rain easily, so keeps the surface clean and white.

Beautiful profile
Because of the membrane's superior ability to transmit light. during the day, the structure covered by a PTFE architectural membrane filled with natural diffused light, no shadows, offers the indoor open space a harmonious visual environment. At night, the lights inside structures light up the night sky through the roof membrane, the Membranes enable the construction of buildings with a stunning architectural profile

Harmonious internal environment
The PTFE architectural membrane's good reflective rate and low solar heat absorption and hardly affected by UV brings the open, airy feeling of color-correct light indoors, it transmits up to 20% of daylight without the heat .Shaded areas remain bright, yet cool, even on the hottest days. It is energy-saving and environment-friendly.

Wide using range
The major sports buildings: such as football pitches, swimming pool and so on.
Recreational facilities structure, concert halls, theaters, exhibition structures and large gathering places
supermarkets, hotels hall, over gallery and so on.
The airport building, parking, warehouse, charging station, platform and so on.
The city streets, seasides, parks and tourism venues shade structure.
Gardens, green spaces, courtyards and other pieces.

Light weight
Much lighter than conventional roofing materials
Capable of bearing loads over long spans
Open space below -- no columns
Lightweight construction of load bearing walls

Long life 
excellent tolerance, anti-aging, No deformation
excellent tensile strength, flexibility
resistance to distortion& fatigue
security service life up to 50 years.

Fire resistance
raw material is non-combustible
Complies to DIN 4102 B1



1.Q: What is the fabric Tensile Membrane Structure made of?

A: The fabric covering is composed of a woven polyester mesh impregnated on both sides with a PVC coating. The PVC is UV-resistant to protect the polyester from the effects of the sun. The fabric is available in a variety of shape.

2.Q: How long does the membrane products covering last?

A: The PVDF covering has a nominal lifetime of 11-15 years,the lifetime of PTFE is 15-30 years,and the lifetime of ETFE is more than 30 years,all products are depending on the 


3.Q: How do I repair a hole in the fabric?

A: Rubb offers a PVC Repair Kit that can be used to heat-seal a patch over small punctures in the membrane. 

4.Q: Will I need a new fabric cover if I cooperation with flyon in the future?

A: No, the PVC sheets are designed to be modular. In most cases, the building can be expanded with no modifications to the existing cover.

5.Q:What’s the defferents between PVDF and PTFE ?

(1)PVDF is the temporary building materials,and the PTFE is permanent building materials ;

(2)The PVDF is made of  polyester fiber,and the PTFE is made of  fiberglass ;

(3)The Chemical stability of ETFE is more higher than PVDF.

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