Eco Glamping

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Eco Glamping

The hospitality industry has always centered around giving people the best experience possible and making their stays at destinations as convenient as can be. Hotels, Airbnb's, and hostels are consistently tasked with adapting to new technology that's available to guests.

Upgrading to free 5G Wi-Fi access, office spaces, cutting-edge gyms, and even gaming consoles in rooms are becoming commonplace. However, the latest trend that's taking the hospitality industry by storm is eco glamping.

You might not have expected this, and you probably have many questions:

What is eco glamping?

How does it work?

What makes it different from normal camping, or even glamping?

We're answering all of your questions about this developing trend below!


What is Glamping?

Camping has always been an experience about getting away from busy schedules of everyday life and being immersed in nature. Though camping is very popular, there are some downsides that keep people away from the experience. The complete separation from all things convenient makes camping unappealing to a many vacationers looking to get into nature.

Fortunately, technology has made camping more accessible to a wider range of people. It's now possible for people to camp with a little more comfort through glamping.

Glamping stands for glamorous camping. In short, you get the best of both worlds when you let people go glamping. Campers can get out in nature and enjoy the peace and quiet, see the animals, and get back into an equilibrium with themselves. Unlike traditional camping, they don't have to completely let go of comfort to catch a break from the city.

When visitors go glamping, you can offer them to stay in a camper, a decked out shelter, or one of a variety of dome tents. The structures have amenities that you wouldn't expect such as Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and televisions. You'll have to determine which type of living space works best for your vacation spot.

At JIEOL , we offer a range of geodesic dome tents which are perfect for setting up a glamping retreat. Our dome tents come in different sizes, 5m - 8m  will be most popular size dome tent for glamping. The can be fitted with wood stoves as a heating source, keeping your guests warm and cozy all year long. Also our dome tents come standard with stargazer windows at the top of the tent and large bay windows, which will allow your guests to enjoy the stunning views your property has to offer.


What About the Eco Part?

Another push that leaders in the hospitality industry have been focusing on is environmentally friendly accommodations. With eco-glamping, you can now offer visitors glamping experiences that are conscious of the environment.

Here are some characteristics of eco-glamping to know about:

Many eco glamping experiences rely on alternative power sources such as solar, wind, or water.

Most establishments also ban the use of harsh chemical products and offer high-quality and nature safe alternatives for visitors to utilize.

Some sites are located on farms, allowing the owners to provide fresh food to campers as well. This perk reduces environmental waste that comes with going on food and supply runs.

Eco glamping facilities minimize power usage while still providing visitors with luxury camping opportunities.

Because respect for the local area is so important, our dome tents are designed to have minimal impact on the surrounding environment. We encourage you to make this a hallmark selling point of your retreat and we are confidence its a commitment that your guests will appreciate.

Looking to Host an Eco Glamp Site?

If you have an Airbnb or hospitality space, you can offer glamping tents for those looking to get away from it all while conserving energy. How you want to go through transforming part of your space into an eco-friendly glamping site is up to you.

Here's how your visitors can enjoy their glamping experience on your site:


If you have the local rural space available, you can target individuals in your neighborhood, county, or city. Some people really value vacations that are close to their homes and lives, so that they can return in case of emergencies.

Utilize geodesic dome tents to give locals an easy get-away into nature without the usual power sucking nature of glamping tents.

Far From Home

Eco glamping is an ideal way to give guests far from home a unique experience. You can introduce new people to the beautiful nature of your home without asking them to rough it too much. You can offer a variety of activities like,

1.Nature trail hikes

2.Equestrian rides

3.Gardening and farming

Is your hospitality business ready to capitalize on the hottest trend in tourism? With our unique geodesic dome tents, you will be able to provide a comfortable and eco friendly solution for your guests! When incorporating glamping into your offerings as an Airbnb, hostel, or vacation destination, you want to keep your visitors and the environment in mind. If you're located up north in a colder region, consider installing a salt-water hot tub near the camp site. For those located in warmer, beach destinations, go for fancy outdoor no-waste showers.

Adding eco-glamping options to your hospitality business will help open your location to a variety of individuals who otherwise would not be interested. This is a trend we anticipate to affect the industry for many years to come-the demand for eco-friendly accommodations only increases every year!

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