High End Luxury Glamping Dome

2023-06-05 11:52:12 Oliver 171

Jieol has always adhered to development and innovation of sphere dome tent.  Tent frame is made of high strength steel tube shell structures, stress character is very strong, wind load is grade 10-12. It is durable that you can use it as a temporary building or semi-permanent building.


There is a variety of options of large dome tent PVC fabric, such as normal white, translucent, transparent, and other color PVC cover. Its unique product design concept, modern and beautiful appearance and extremely wide using range, is very popular with event companies.


The PVC has waterproof, fire retardant and anti-aging function, the full transparent space will undoubtedly broaden their horizons, the interior scenery can be seen. At the same time, you can also print a variety of business activities pattern and information on the tent. All these not only improve the level of activities but also enhance commercial efficiency.


In addition to 50m large dome tent, we also provide a variety of size from diameter 3m-55m. Our flexible size can be customized according to the needs of our customers. There is no limit to the terraces construction. Without any poles inside the tent, it is 100% using space. Its using function is also quite extensive, a small sphere tent can be used as hotels, camps, restaurants; a large dome tent can be used for outdoor exhibitions, parties, festivals, weddings. Now sphere tent is an individual structure but also become high-end customers preferred.

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