Outdoor Camping Tent

Glamorous living experience in the nature.Glamping Dome Tent has an eye-catching and elegant look.

  • Name:Experience Luxury & Nature Accommodation in Eco Friendly Glamping Dome Cabins
  • Color:Beige, Orange, Green, Yellow etc.
  • Feature:Waterproof, UV resistance, Fire Retardant
  • Type:Geodesic Dome Tent,Hotel Tent
  • Size:Customizable: 6m-100m diameter
  • Material:White PVC/PVDF, transparent PVC,Stoving Varnish、Galvanized Steel Tube、Stainless steel
  • Application:Restaurant、Hotel、Garden、Activity
  • Cetification:ISO9001, MSDS, CE, BV, TUV, SGS

Glamorous living experience in the nature.


Glamping Dome Tent has an eye-catching and elegant look. It is easy to fully equipped with household facilities, appliances, kitchenware and can be easily installed everywhere to provide a unique, comfortable, and peaceful living experience. So it is widely used for glamping camping and hotel of the resort.The solid and safe structure, portable installation package, sufficient accessories make Glamping Dome Tent more and more popular and maybe the best glamping tent these years.

Guangzhou JIEOL Stage Equipment CO., LTD

Guangzhou JIEOL Stage Equipment CO., LTD

We provide various size's luxury glamping dome tent of 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m to 10m and sufficient accessories and options. And we provide tailored solutions to meet your individual needs and fit your budget.

1. What’s the specification of the geodesic dome tent?


2.Do you have more domes for option?

Jieol Tent provides tourist attractions with unique and custom designed geodesic dome tent with Dimension from 6m to 80m . Below are some standard product specification:



3.What is main features of dome tent?

√. Fast assembly - Our domes are affordable and the assembly time is fast. The costs of purchasing and installing geodesic domes for glamping are typically recouped in as little as one season. They can be installed repeatedly and lasts 10+ years, ensuring your return-on-investment for years to come.

√. Eco friendly - Geodesic glamping structures can be built almost any location with minimal impact to the surrounding environment. 

√. Energy efficient - With the dome-shaped design, eco-living dome allows for effective air movement and constant temperatures, maximizing the sun's light and warmth meanwhile reducing cooling and heating costs.  

√. One-stop design - You can add on a cozy bed, kitchenette, separate bathroom and an extra decking or complete the interior design your way. 

√. Wide application - Besides being a guest accommodation, our living dome tent is also applicable to school camps, remote and regional housing, garden studio, then mining and resources etc.

√. Excellent safety - The unique geodesic tent structure provides excellent safety. The spherical dome tent can withstand the wind of 80-100km/h, even in the harsh weather such as heavy snow, wind and rain. Geodesic dome construction in such soft buliding foundation (like the grassland, desert and beach) is also quite stable.

Guangzhou JIEOL Stage Equipment CO., LTD

Guangzhou JIEOL Stage Equipment CO., LTD

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